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Programmable small computers

Early days of my college, I was eager to make cool project and asked my professor Dr. C. H. Vithalani to extend help for directions. He guided me to build small programmable computer using 8051 microcontroller. It was kind of amazing experience building first ever electronic project. I had searched what components would I need and procedure to design a PCB followed by soldering it with different available components. There were two main significant components, RS232 and 5 volt supply, which was challanging task at initial level because to make it work, I also had to design and implement 5 v power supply. RS232 enabled board to connect with any PC and program anything user wants. It was definitely fun producing such a project after lots of difficulties and make it work. To validate my design and soldering, I had implemented analogue to digital(ADC) circuit in which if user changes variable register manually, output can be represented digitally with the help of LEDs. For instance, value of register is 5 then according to binary sequence 00000101, two LEDs will glow in same sequence as binary value. Watching LEDs glowing I wouldn't able to stop my excitement and boosted my confident to eagerly learn more about computers and electronics.