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After studying 3 years about electronics and various related subject, it was time to choose final project. I had researched about which project to pursue as my final thesis. However, there was challenging list of project which professor C. H. Vithalani. Building an elevator prototype with CPLD board was facinated idea for me and my friend, Jaydeep, at university. Knowledge of designing and making working powersupply came handy during development of this cool project. It took us few months to figure out new hardware programming language and CPLD board. Once we came us with real program to run actual elevator, designing real elevator became tricky task. We collaborate with each other and came up with a minimal design of elevator to show off cool demo to professors. Still developing software and hardware was not just enough to make elevator working. Again we needed to design electronic circuit which can switch between different electronic motor to make elevator perfectly work realtime. Unfortuntely I lost videos of cool demo but I have added few pictures of our developed circuits and iterations of prototype.