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Google Summer Of Code - Beagle Bone Board Support Package

I was about to finish my graduation and passionatly wanted to build something open source which can help large community. To challange myself, I decided to takepart in one of the prestigeous internation annual open source program sponsered by Google. Getting selected is one of the most toughest task as internationally brilliant students apply to this program to work with great community and expert mentors. To prove myself, I contributed GPIO code which can test different GPIO pins with blinking LEDs and later this code helped Worth Burruss to test GPIO pins of Beagle Bone. To partcipate in GSOC, I was writing proposal about what would I do for those three months if I would get selected and found myself stuck inbetween for little direction. Being expert in motor control system, Worth Burruss generously helped me to understand Pulse Width Modulation APIs and how to design it, by personally sending me email. I believe it was one of the significant significant piece of advice which made my proposal made even stronger than it was. After spending lot of time writing proposal, other community members such as Dr. Joel, Dr. Gedare Bloom, Martin Galvan, Ben Gras helped me to articulate it. Once I got selected, I developed Pulse Width Modulation driver code for RTEMS which can be specifically used with popular small board computer beagle bone black. Later I had developed i2c driver for the same board as well. It was challanging task to complete these two driver code in just three months of time. I learned a lot of software and hardware practicle knowledge from my great mentors.