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Network Time Protocol Client For Embedded Product

During my second semester of masters degree, I got selected to pursue my dream internship at research and development centre of Easun Reyrolle ltd., one of the popular company for protection relay. After analysing my skills for electronics and software, manager wanted me to solve challanging and real problem of company, that was so important to save few bucks in each product they sold. When task has been assigned, protection relay (which saves frequency, voltage such kind of important parameters) has to use two cables, coaxial(to synchronize time) and LAN. My job was to implement appropriate protocol which helps embedded product to fetch time from satellite server so that all protection relays placed at different locations remains synched with accurate time of particular satelite server. Even nano second inaccuracy can cause catastrophic events in tramission distribution. My work significantly help to reduce cost of product and also helped to avoid hazardous events from happending which I believe saved and going to save lives of many people in the country.